Bated Breath - Music That Goes Well With Whiskey

Bated Breath – Music That Goes Well With Whiskey

The turning over a new year can feel a little jarring, like the moment after a record skips when a confused room attempts to regain their collective rhythm. With the mayhem of the holidays now shrinking in the rearview mirror, ?tis now the season for exercise regiments marked with a shorter shelf life than that of the bushels of fresh produce bought in earnest, but destined to rot in the crisper drawer. As scores of people line up to start a race that few will ever finish, I stand boldly apart, letting myself off the hook in the area of physical improvement, even if my body is starting to resemble something one might find hanging in the window of a Chinese restaurant. 

Instead, my delightfully achievable New Years resolution involves a shift to more organic music, if that word still has any meaning. Having spent the better part of last year compiling mixes of obsessively arranged electronic music, I now find myself craving some audio roughage. In that spirit, this month?s mix forgoes laptops and synthesizers for a deliberately inconsistent blend of punk, funk, soul and psych; sounds to fill the silence as we sit with baited breath, waiting to see what the New Year might bring.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring ? You Let Me Be Honest With You
Yuya Uchida & the Flowers ? Intruder
The Pixies ? Hey
Underworld feat. Brian Eno & Karl Blau ? Beebop Hurry
WU LYF ? Heavy Pop
Om ? Cremation Ghat I
Andwella?s Dream ? Cocaine
Mandre ? Masked Music Man
Ofege ? It?s Not Easy
Mister Holmes and the Brotherhood – Thrift Store Find
Soulphiction ? Intermission
13th Floor Elevators – Blue and Peaceful
Paul Parrish ? English Sparrow
Idiot Glee ? All Packed Up
Nite Jewel ? The Kamera Song
Airport One ? Two Days
Gil Scott Heron ? Where Did the Night Go
Ian France ? High Places
David Shrigley – Don?t From Bits and Bobs
The Knife feat Mt. Sims and PlanningtoRock ? Coloring of Pigeons
Prince ? People Without (Live)
Sarah Webster Fabio ? Juju For Grandma
Skull Snaps ? It?s a New Day
The South Side Movement ? Everlasting Thrill
Bob James ? Nautilus
The Crystal Mansion – Somebody Oughta Turn Your Head Around
Moodymann ? The Day We Lost the Soul
O.V. Wright ? Motherless Child
The Persuasions ? Another Night With the Boys
Black Merda ? Think of Me
24 Carat Black ? I Want to Make Up
Jackie McLean ? Soul
Sam Cooke ? Medley: It?s All Right/ For Sentimental Reasons

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