The Truly Civilized - A Low Key Music Selection

The Truly Civilized – A Low Key Music Selection

The truly civilized keep our eyes upon the prize like thieves and housewives keep money on their minds. The truly civilized wear our hearts between our thighs, unduly criticized for being so refined. Though often times despised by those to shy to fantasize, if we ever spread our legs they’d come inside. You can see it in their eyes, so quick to blink they can’t disguise that they would trade their lives for one moment of mine.

The truly civilized like lows and highs from sex to genocide, and laughing like we’re never going to die. It’s true we bat our eyes and plagiarize ripped jeans and suicide, but whoever moves the moon can set the tide.

Maine Jungle – Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier
Raime – We Must Hunt Under the Wreckage of Many Systems
Lapalux – Face Down, Eyes Shut
Guerre – You Were With Me
Arp – Grapefruit
IMPS – Bubble and Squeak
Gayngs – By Your Side
Wareika – Scene 9
John Coltrane – I Just Dropped By to Say Hello
Miles Davis- Little One
Frank Sinatra – How About You
Dion & the Belmonts – No One Knows
Brian Eno – Written Forgotten
Mount Moon – Treetops
Pjusk – Skygge
Thomas Fehlmann – Berliner Luftikus
Methiah – Unknown
The Kallikak Family – Top Gun
Minilogue – Swamp Op
Move D Namlook – Home Shopping
Boards of Canada – Olson
Massive Attack – Protection (The Eno Mix)
Date Palms – Psalm 5
Mount Eerie with Julie Doirion – If We Knew…
Areski & Brigitte Fountaine – Apres La Guerre
Levek – Chief
Lights Out Asia – All These Worlds Are Yours
Tenniscoats – Tasmania: For a Bay
Feast of Violet – Sister City
The Lightening Bug Situations – This Body
Alana Stewart – When the Wind Blows
DJ Spinkles – Grand Central Pt. 2
Matthew Herbert – Valencia
Bill Wells & Annie Whitehead
Chet Baker – Like Someone In Love
Ella Fitzgerald – Someone to Watch Over Me
Oscar Peterson – Bill
Sam Cooke – Falling In Love

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