Life Is Not a Rehearsal - A Verve Retrospective

Life Is Not a Rehearsal – A Verve Retrospective

The world seems to shift once my main man Max introduced me to The Verve. All of a sudden we were like Kerouac and Cassidy high on benzedrine in some beat nightclub, standing on wobbly tables and yelling ?go, man, go!? as Charlie Parker played his horn.

As far as music to choose while you?re having a spiritual epiphany, you could do worse than The Verve. With their generation of pundants lost in a false debate about whether Oasis or Blur were the best UK band of the moment, a better class were aware that The Verve beat both of those bands combined. While best known for their single ?Bittersweet Symphony?, the Urban Hymns sessions that bred that undeniable album was something of a departure from The Verve?s signature sound, ostensibly conceived as a solo album by frontman Richard Ashcroft. Their early records featured a more equitable contribution from guitarist Nick McCabe, who provided a psychedelic palette so dreamlike and immersive that I sometimes wonder if Max actually exists.

Verve Are Rising (Demo)
A Man Called Sun
Already There
Make It Till Monday
Slide Away
No Come down
Where the Geese Go
One Way to Go
On Your Own
So It Goes
Drive You Home
Life?s Not a Rehearsal (Life?s an Ocean Mix)
Lucky Man
The Drugs Don?t Work (Demo)

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