Secrets They Tried to Keep From You in the Eighties

Secrets They Tried to Keep From You in the Eighties

He likes to dance, but not just anywhere. He reacts to flat screen televisions the way vampires do to sunlight, and to digital music the way trees do to chainsaws. The venue must be at least as old as he is, and equally ashamed of the modern age. From cracks in the architecture to storied stains on dated upholstery, he reads wear and tear like a novel, wishing his own flaws would say so much.

Age of Mirrors ? The Day the Earth Stands Still
A Popular History of ? Guernica
Robert Gorl ? Mit Dir (Extended)
Play ? You Don?t Look the Same (De-Mix)
Resistance ? Die Out
Royal Family and They ? Art On 455
Thick Pigeon ? Pope
Logic System ? Automatic Collect Automatic
23 Skidoo ? Version (In the Palace)
Deekay Jones ? New York, New York
Boulevard Circulaire ? Boulevard Circulaire
Philippe Laurent ? Systeme Clair
The Royal Family and the Poor ? Motherland
Zapp and Roger ? Ja Ready to Rock
Grace Jones ? Art Groupie
Zodiac ? Pacific
Escape From New York ? Save Our Love
Material ? Ciquri
Van Halen ? Push Comes to Shove
Liquid Liquid ? Lock Groove
Malcolm McLaren ? El San Juanera
The Eurythmics ? Somebody Told Me
He Said ? Pump
Red Lion – Living Together
Telex ? Drama, Drama
Art of Noise ? Opus For Four
Kate Bush – Watching You Without Me
Duet Emmo ? First Person
The Passage ? Armour
Silent Types ? Surveillance By Car
Electric Circus ? Kamarac
Yachtclub Buchtein ? Age Geige
JYL ? Universe
PC Crew ? Space Invadas
Thomas Dolby – Pulp Culture
The Time ? Gigolos Get Lonely Too

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He was born in the 70s, he grew up in the 80s, but by the end of the 90s he had just lost his mind. He dresses like a lady, cell phones drive him crazy. It?s not that he?s lazy, but he was born to recline. He only has wet dreams, like cheap clothes have weak seams. People know him so he won?t wait in line. He?s obsessed with fashion, it?s just a reaction to this feeling he has that he?s wasting his life.

Bourbonese Qualk – Into Innocence
NIrosta Steel (feat. Arthur Russell) – Foxy Pup
Red Beat – Cut Dub
Front 242 – Principle
Under Viewer – Trouble
Prothese – Conditionnel Humain
Arthur Brown & Leon Craig – Take a Picture
Nine Circles – Miss Love (First Version)
Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart
Geoffrey Landers – Say You?ll Say So
Spectral Display – It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love
Freur – Doot Doot
Blue Gas – Shadows of Nowhere
Section 25 – Tim Lick My Knees
23 Skidoo – Misr Wakening
oTo – Cactus King
400 Blows – Perspective 2

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