I'm Not From the Streets (But I've Seen Photographs)

I’m Not From the Streets (But I’ve Seen Photographs)

Do you remember those old block parties? The girls hangin? out on the stoop doing the wop? Do you remember the battles at Union Square? Kool Herc at Sedgwick Ave? Saturday nights above the rollerskating rink? Remember the Bridge Wars? The untouched white trains and the fat rope chains? What about the New York City Breakers and the Rock Steady Crew? Remember the “yes yes ya?ll”s and the 808 loops? Me neither, but I?ve seen some shit in magazines that made it all seem pretty fly.

Sleeze Boys ? Sleeze Boyz R N the House
Otis Clay ? Love Bandit (Electro Vocoder Mix)
Clarence “Blowfly” Reid ? Blowfly?s ABCs
Ray Gun Omics ? Project Future
The Russell Brothers ? The Party Scene
Kurtis Blow ? AJ Scratch
Run DMC ? King of Rock
The Fat Boys ? Fat Boys
Grandmaster Flash ? Larry?s Dance Theme
The Classical Two ? New Generation
Levi 167 ? Something Fresh to Swing To
MC Mitchski ? Kool DJ Red Alert Is a Great Man
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five ? Internationally Known
The Sequence ? Funk You Up (Long Version)
Frankie Smith ? Double Dutch Bus (12″ Version)
The Rocksteady Crew – Get Back Baby Brother
Strafe ? Set It Off
Zero Hour ? The Dark Side
B Beat Girls ? For the Same Man
Ose ? Computer Funk
Extra T?s ? E.T. Boogie
Steinski ? Everything?s Disappeared
Gucci Crew ? The Dating Game
Kevie Kev ? All Night Long (Waterbed)
The Mary Jane Girls ? All Night Long
The Kryptic Crew ? Jazzy Sensation
Toddy Tee ? I Need a Girl
B.O.S.E ? Let?s Jam (Slow Jam)
Cherlie D ? Your Love is Dead

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