Brian Eno - Retrospective

Brian Eno – Retrospective

To say that Brian Eno created ambient music is an exaggeration, but barely. I expect there are fewer basketball players wishing that they could be Michael Jordan than there are ambient producers who wish that they could be Brian Eno. If that were the limit to Eno’s musical output, he’d still earn a place in the musical hall of fame, but not only does his solo music explore myriad genres and sounds, his work producing a catalog of artists so vast that hurts your hand to scroll through them surely makes Brian Eno ones of the most defining artists of all time.

In the Future
Passing Over
And Then So Clear
Everything Merges With the Night
Another Green World
By This River
Pressure’s On (with James)
Taking Tiger Mountain
Deep Blue Day
The Real
Written, Forgotten
Delta Rain Dream (with Jon Hassell)
Fickle Sun (III) I’m Set Free
No One Receiving
Interview Excerpt
Baby’s On Fire
Not Yet Remembered (with Harold Budd)


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