Angels In the Architecture – Soft Music for an Ethereal Comedown

Angels In the Architecture – Soft Music for an Ethereal Comedown

If the quality of love you feel for one another can be measured by how well you whether silence, sometimes music also finds its most poignant moments in the spaces between the notes. It?s why the refrain from the cymbal sounds better than the hit, in the same way her breath against your neck pulls your strings and makes your toes curl. Spacious and patient, this ethereal selection of near ambient music is for the angels in the architecture, who barely speak in whispers and send chills throughout your spine.

Pale Blue ? Thirteen
Tara Jane O?Neil ? The Signal, Lift
Perfume Genius ? I?m a Mother
Excavate ? A Kind of Place
Portishead ? S.O.S. (ABBA Cover)
King Midas Sound/ Fennensz ? Mysteries
Chromatics ? Girls Just Wanna Have Dub
10cc ? I?m Not in Love
Starts of the Lid ? Even (Out)
Boards of Canada ? Olson
Vakula ? For Jim (Jim Morrison Tribute)
Miles Davis ? He Loved Him Madly
Yaw ? Where Will You Be
Bobby ?Blue? Bland ? I?ll Take Care of You
Lewis ? I Thought the World of You
Mas Ysa ? Don?t Make
Susanna ? Pyramid
I Am Just a Pupil ? Family Dollar
M83 ? Sunday Night 1987
Brian Eno ? Fickle Sun (III) I?m Set Free
A.C. Marias ? Some Thing
Peter Green ? Little Dreamer
West Coast Pop Art Experimental ? I Won?t Hurt You
The Troggs ? Cousin Jane
King Crimson ? I Talk To the Wind
Moby Grape ? I Am Not Willing
Casino Times – Intro
Antony and the Johnsons ? Candy Says (Live)

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