I Dream of the 90s – A Chill Out Mix For a World That Really Needs to Chill Out

I Dream of the 90s – A Chill Out Mix For a World That Really Needs to Chill Out

It can be difficult to accurately assess a moment when you’re in it. Like looking at a sprawling painting with your eyes just inches from the canvas; only with some distance can we find the perspective required to fully appreciate the bigger picture. Not that the music of the nineties was difficult to appreciate in real time, but only now that we’ve taken a few steps back can we properly contemplate a decade that simultaneously reflected the past and predicted the future.

In the same way artists like The Beatles took the American electric guitar and created a sound that was distinctly British, acts like Massive Attack would do the same with samplers from the burgeoning American rap scene. IDM emerged, not just as a pioneer in terrible genre names, but to mark a shift when electronic music would no longer be confined to DJ record crates and could sit alongside artists like Pink Floyd and Miles Davis in bedroom stacks. And just as the sound of the sixties was at least partly defined by psychedelic drugs, the rise of ecstasy had its own sonic effect decades later. A new lushness of sound set the stage for the “chill out mix”, which would quickly be coopted by an emerging coffee shop culture and a misplaced fascination with Ibiza.

Even a cursory glance at one’s social media thread makes a convincing case that the world needs to chill out now more than ever. With that in mind, I present this dreamy and laid back selection from a simpler time; back when the President fucked his intern and not the entire world.

Boards of Canada – One Very Important Thought
Slowdive – Blue Skied and Clear
Pulp – 59 Lyndhurst Grove
Mazzy Star – Cry, Cry, Cry
This Mortal Coil – Help Me Lift You Up
Julee Cruise – I Remember
Cocteau Twins – Oil of Angels
Air – Casanova 70
Nightmares on Wax – Rise
DJ Vadim – Suckas Wearing Tainted Sunglasses
Portishead – It Could be Sweet
Tricky – Hell is Round the Corner
Massive Attack – Protection (Brian Eno Mix)
The KLF – Elvis on the Radio, Steal Guitar
Future Sound of London – Smokin’ Japanese Babe
Seefeel – Filter Dub (i-01 Mix)
DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1)
Bjork – All Is Full of Love (Plaid Mix)
ISAN – Vosill
Spiritualized – Angel Sigh (Alt Mix 2)
The Verve – Already There
Low – Days of…
Aphex Twin – Lichen
Irmin Schmidt – Dreambite
Rachel’s – Wally, Egon, & Models in the Studio


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