unbasic - a mix of low fidelity digital and cassette tape recordings

unbasic – a mix of low fidelity digital and cassette tape recordings

The affinity some millennial producers have for lo fidelity production isn’t immediately intuitive. A possible diagnosis is that this is a generation that came to age with Apple earbuds and low quality mp3s as their formative source, which like cassettes and vinyl before it, produced certain flaws that seem to accentuate nostalgia. A more immediate explanation could be that, against a backdrop of perfectly produced digital music, the appeal of roughly produced analog tracks becomes inherently refreshing; like eating a tangy sorbet after a heavy dinner, or visiting a glory hole on the way home from church. Favouring analog sources like cassettes and limited vinyl releases, Unbasic is a tightly woven mix of abstract soul, gritty hip hop instrumentals, unpolished electro, and a Frank Ocean song from the largely ignored lo-fi album that came out a couple of days before Blonde.

Young Male – Reveal (Pacific Coast Highway 1 Version)
Strangers in Love (Short Mix)
Gomez &Barokskki – Glitch in the System
NGLY – Strange Expression
45 ACP – Ground to Ground
Stevie Ponder (Akasha System & regularfantasy) – Wingman
Sasac + Dreamcast – Deep Liquid
Moon B – Moments In Skank
Blue Gas – Shadows From Nowhere
Young Male – Muzak
Faun Racket – I Am New York
Pale Blue – Have You Passed Through the Night
Frank Ocean – Higgs
Amelia Airhorn – New York Nightlife
Powell feat. Loke Rahbek – Mad Love
Amelia Airhorn – The New Girl

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