My Youth Angst Remains Unchecked - A Mix of Punk and Punk Inspired Music

My Youth Angst Remains Unchecked – A Mix of Punk and Punk Inspired Music

Punk as an artform was forged by the angst of teenagers who grew tired of tilting at windmills, unable to affect meaningful change in a society they felt cursed to inherit. Ostensibly this unrest is meant to subside with the ability to participate in democracy, but sometimes having the right to vote feels as consequential in setting the direction of a nation as a sailor with a single oar would be in setting the direction of an aircraft carrier.

Maybe teenage angst is wasted on the young. We?re all still powerless and underrepresented. It?s not like learning about the world made it seem more fair, or that we haven’t been exposed to more oppressive forces than parents and teachers. With that in my veins, I have put together a hour of punk and punkish music, with my urge to lash out being tempered by the mature realization that throwing a rock through the window of a Banana Republic isn?t going to accomplish any more social change than dancing in my kitchen.

Anika – No One?s There (Dub)
C.A.R. – Idle Eyes
John Maus – Walls of Silence
The Knife – One Hit
Phantom Band – Gravity
Dr. Philter Banks – High Heels and Mirrored Thighs
Flowers – Intruder
Clinic – Monkey On Your Back
Pixies – Hey
Prince – Tick, Tick, Bang (1982 Demo)
Gramme – Like You
Suuns – Instrument
Grauzone – Eisbaer
Television – Little Johnny Jewel (Part One)
King Krule – Locomotive
WU LYF – Heavy Pop (Early Version)
D?Angelo – 1000 Deaths

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