Italians Do It Better - A Label Retrospective

Italians Do It Better – A Label Retrospective

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I first heard music from the Italians Do It Better label in 2007 with the release of the Chromatics Night Drive album, Beatbox by Glass Candy, and the After Dark compilation that showcased the distinctive sound wrought by the man behind the curtain, Johnny Jewel. These releases came at a time when I felt musically homeless, my preferences stuck between electronic acts and bands that weren?t quite scratching my particular itch. This slowed down synth laden disco somehow felt ahead of its time, while also providing vivid flashbacks to my own adolescence.

In the decade or so that has slipped through my fingers since then, Jewel has refined this sound with projects by Desire, Farah, Mirage, and Vancouver?s own, In Mirrors. He has also contributed to a number of soundtracks, most notably as part of Twin Peaks: The Return, which I featured on my feature of music from the films of David Lynch.

This label retrospective combs through the Italians Do It Better catalog with the diligence of a unstable detective obsessing over the unsolved murder of his estranged ex-wife. Few labels are as apt to at once render such a variety of music with such a cohesive sound.

Glass Candy – Introduction
Chromatics – The Guest
Glass Candy – Miss Broadway
Farah – Law of Life
Desire – If I Can?t Hold You
Chromatics – In the City
Pink Gloves – Los Angeles
Twisted Wires – 0000
Glass Candy – I Always Say Yes (Drumm Edit)
Glass Candy – C High B
Mirage – Lady Operator
Invisible Conga People – Cable Dazed
In Mirrors – Take Your Movement Away
Glass Candy – Shell Game
Farah – Baby Girl
Nite Jewel – Had to Let Me Go
Chromatics – At Your Door (8 Track Version)
Heaven – It?s Not Enough
Tess Roby – Ballad 5
Symmetry – Streets of Fire
Glass Candy – The Message
In Mirrors – Human
Heaven – Truth or Dare
Mirage – Let’s Kiss
Interview – Glass Candy
Johnny Jewel – Slow Dreams
Chromatics – Blue Moon
Johnny Jewel feat Saoirse Ronan – Tell Me
Johnny Jewel – The Other Side of Midnight (Excerpt)
In Mirrors – Escape From Berlin
Symmetry – Bicycle
Johnny Jewel – Birds of Prey
Johnny Jewel – Windswept (Reprise)
Johnny Jewel – Endless
Johnny Jewel – Streetlights
Glass Candy – Interview

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With the soundtrack to Twin Peaks: The Return introducing Johnny Jewel into the fold, I have put together a retrospective of the best music from the films of David Lynch.