Downtempo Revival - A Selection of Recently Released Low Key Music

Downtempo Revival – A Selection of Recently Released Low Key Music

While Chill Out mixes were a CD collection staple through the second half of the nineties and slightly beyond, the style fell out of favor fast due largely to the saccharine Ibiza vibe that beset this era of electronic music, and also due to the rise of coffee shop culture that all but claimed the sound as its soundtrack.

The origins of this aesthetic came the rave scene inspired inclination to offer a ?chill out? room as a refuge from the sometimes unrelenting dance music in the main room, aware that some people are in different stages of their trip. In these dimly lit rooms, trip hop, ambient, and gentle dance music would score heightened conversations, endless backrubs, and sweaty hugs that felt right at the time.

After a decade or so in exile, the stigma of this sound slowly faded and a new generation of artists could appreciate trip hop without stigma. This selection finds me assembling a selection that captures a similar spirit to the chill out mixes of yesteryear, featuring songs released in the last few months.

Bella Boo- Alom
Jayda G – Renewal (Hyla Mix)
Weval – Heartbreak Television
Jordon Alexander – This Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Dreamcast & ZDBT – Time For You
Khotin – Alla?s Scans
People Plus – Jungle Room
CFCF – Closed Space
Sky Civilian – If I Had
Mitch Murder – Palmer?s Arcade
The Mole – Laughy Dumb Dumb
Glass Candy – Good Time
Carla dal Forno – Fever Walk
Deadbeat & Camara – Sweet Jane
Apparat – Brandenburg
Kelsey Lu – I?m Not In Love
Tycho – Skate
Blood Orange – Something to Do
Nilufer Yanya – ?Sparkle? God Help Me
FKA Twigs – Cellophane
Nils Frahm – A Walking Embrace

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Speaking of 90s chill out culture, this mix I did as a birthday request takes mostly 90s trip hop and deep house and reminds us of that decades flirtation with lounge culture.