My Obsession - Music As a Form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

My Obsession – Music As a Form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The fact that my once casual endeavors to create music mixes has turned into an obsessive compulsive disorder represents something of a double-edged sword in my life. While the act of spending months at a time chasing an unattainable state of perfection is a tax on my life that a well-adjusted person would be loathe to pay, I also understand that there are worst ways that this disorder can manifest. In the end, I prefer the compulsion to spend two weeks sweating a musical intro, as opposed to always worrying that I left the stove on, or having to flick each light switch three times.

Of all of the mixes I?ve obsessed about, this is the one that nearly cost me my soul. The project was originally conceived as a demo for a radio show, which had me lost in the objective of me attempting to exemplify the Electric Adolescence sound with a selection that is impossible to quantify as a particular genre classification or era. Underground to a point of being almost unshazzamable, but ideally appealing to a relatively broad audience.

DJ Vadim – My Radio (The Inauguration)
Nmesh – Dream Sequins
Diamond Vampires – Forever
Fahrland – I Am Roobot
Bullion – The Trilogy (Snippet)
Unknown – Track 07
Maximum Joy – Silent Street/ Silent Dub
DJ Q-Bert – Sixteen
Steinski – Country Grammar (Hydro Mix)
Shara Nelson – Aiming At Your Heart (Part 2)
Trap Door Psych – Track
J-Rocc – Julia/ Ramsey Lewis
Soulphiction – Intermission
Clinton – Before the Fizz Is Gone
Cassie – Me & U (Chopped & Screwed Version)
Raime – Our Versions of Your Versions (Excerpt)
Aquadab & MC A – Twilight of Dinner
Shackleton – Untitled
Cornershop – Brimful of Asha (Sofa Surfers Solid State Radio Mix)
Tyler Parker – Quistgard
Jimmy Whoo – Intro
Trap Door Psych – Track
Morton Stevens – The Long Wait
Jac Berrocal – Rock n? Roll Station
Oneohtrix Point Never – ECCOJAMC1
Nmesh – Even Though I Tried (I Can?t Break Free)
Faun Racket – Melody Lane
Curses – Canini (Dreems Beautiful Men?s Mix)
A.A.L. Against All Logic – This Old House Is All I Have

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