A Soundtrack For Street Artists

A Soundtrack For Street Artists

Graffiti as an artform dates back to our prehistoric existence, when early man would scrawl images on the walls of caves as an instinctual urge of self expression. In more recent years the practice has presented a range of credibility from vandalism to high art, but even with the former it represents a necessary rebellion against a modern landscape dominated by billboards, corporate logos, and overtly functional architecture.

Having just completed the celebration of street art embodied by the Vancouver Mural Festival, this selection is comprised of highlights from a set I played in support of Shepard Fairey?s headlining exhibition of the festival for Burrard Arts Foundation, which represents my attempt to distill the influences of an artist whose musical influences are as integral to his process as paint. In that spirit, the resulting mix of political and youth-angst tinged hip hop and punk is dedicated to anyone who has ever had to run from the cops for the supposed crime of being an artist.

Steinski – It?s Up To You (Television Mix)
DJ Q-Bert – One
Malcolm McLaren – Hobo Scratch
Wild Style – B Boy Beat
Beastie Boys – Lighten Up
Basement 5 – Riot
Mudhoney – Touch Me I?m Sick
The Stooges – No Fun
Bad Brains – Regulator
The Chats – Bus Money
Wire – I Am the Fly
Gramme – Rehab
Folk Implosion – Nothing?s Gonna Stop the Flow
N.W.A. – Parental Discretion Is Advised
Public Enemy – Louder Than a Bomb
Mos Def – Revelations
DJ Woody Dee feat Billy Bragg – Tighten Up Your Wig
Clash – Justice Tonight (UK 12? Version)
DJ Shadow – Organ Donor
Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love (The Electric Adolescence Suite)

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