Alone at the Afterparty

Alone at the Afterparty

Back in normal times, there were many instances where I was proud of myself for calling it quits at the tail end of a night out instead of going to the after hours. In this current state of play, I’m regretting every one of those responsible decisions. I miss the smell of urine and cigarette smoke that permeates the alley entrance, or when someone coyly suggests “let’s just do a half.” I miss paying nine dollars for a beer, then being hugged by a sweat drenched man who would hate me if we met in any other circumstance. This is technically the longest I’ve gone since being thrown-up on by an Australian.

While attempting to relive those lost moments, I’ve put together a mix of moody and feminine after hours music, most of which is more apt for the bedroom than an actual dancefloor, aware that an actual dancefloor is currently in our minds.

Fahrland – Get Up
Glass Candy – Lovin Machine (Nite Version)
Apiento – Things You Do For Love
Ouri – A Nun’s Vvet Dream
Four Tet – Baby
Pale Blue – Breathe
The Golden Filter – We Are the Music
Felix Da Housecat – Romantique
Joon – E.T.
Sky Civilian – Alone
Steve Spacek – Waiting 4 You
Graham Van Pelt – Always Thinkin’
Yaeji, Victoria Sin, Shy One – The Th1ng
Headie One & Fred Again – Told
The Imbeciles – One Hand Tommy (Suzanne Kraft Remix)
Darkstar – Jam (Parris Remix)
Ela Minus – They Told Us It Was Hard, But They Were Wrong
Arca – Time
Sega Bodega & Lafawndah – Teardrop
Afx – Prememory100n pt2
Brigitte Barbu – Dae-Boj Demoya (Roman Flugel Synth Mix)
Atom ™ – Simplicity
Washed Out – Leave You Behind

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